Comparison of Deduction u/s 80TTA & 80TTB.

Paticulars 80TTA 80TTB Remarks
Applicable wef AY 2013-14 AY 2019-20 Till AY 2018-19 80TTA available to senior citizens also.
Deductor to whom applicable Banks, Cooperative banks, Post offices etc. Banks, Cooperative banks, Post offices etc. Not applicable to other deductors like Companies who may have taken deposits.
Deductee to whom applicable Individuals (other than Senior citizens) & HUF Senior Citizens Either 80TTA or 80TTB can be claimed.
Residential status of deductee Residents & Non-residents Residents only  
Type of payment on which applicable Interest on Savings account Interest on Savings account & Fixed Deposits No benefit to persons other than senior citizens for interest on FD.
Maximum deduction 10000 50000 Deductor to give remarks "R" for 80TTB till amount reaches 50,000
Where to claim ITR (as TDS not applicable on interest on savings account) TDS & ITR.  
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