Corporate law (also "company" or "corporations" law) is the practice or study of how shareholders, directors, employees, creditors, and other stakeholders such as consumers, the community, and the environment interact with one another. Corporate law is a part of a broader company's law (or law of business associations). Our team is highly business oriented in its approach and has experience across industry and service verticals and has been established with the vision of providing a complete business solution for all corporate secretarial matters. Some of our services include:
  • Incorporation of company
  • Consultancy on Company Law matters.
  • Planning for Mergers, Acquisitions, De-mergers, and Corporate re-organizations.
  • Filing of annual returns and various forms, documents.
  • Advising on right constitution for entry into India
  • Advising on structuring for getting funds into India based on tax efficiency and repatriation of funds
  • Setting up of Accounting & Reporting system
  • Compliance with Indian Fiscal Laws
  • Business Planning & Structuring
  • Market Research & Feasibility Study
  • Revenue Maximization
  • Cost Efficiencies
  • Processes & Policies
  • Working Capital Optimization
  • MIS & Operations Finance
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